10 Practical Ways to Repurpose Socks

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10 Practical Ways to Repurpose Socks
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Socks can do so much more than protect your stinky feet from blisters and chaffing. Socks are versatile. And cotton socks are a naturally-occurring fiber that can replace plastic, polyurethane and other harmful materials. There's pretty much nothing that single-use plastic can do, that socks can't do better! Remember the eHow motto: reduce, reuse and recycle!

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use socks and baking soda to freshen up stinky places
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Freshen Up Closets, Shoes & More

Gym bags, running sneakers and laundry hampers can all become damp, yucky homes to smelly bacteria. Freshen up that funk by filling a sock with a deodorizer like baking soda or potpourri. Method: Fill a sock with baking soda, secure it tightly with a ribbon or twine, and place it anywhere that stink lurks.

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use socks to make ice packs more tolerable
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Make Ice Packs More Tolerable

Ice packs can soothe aches, pains and muscle soreness. But sometimes the chilly bite of the ice pack is worse than the pain. Try dulling the intensity of an ice pack with the nearest sock! Method: Place a baggy of ice inside of a sock to create a barrier thin enough to allow the cold to pass through, but thick enough to provide some comfort.

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use socks and a plastic bottle to make a dog toy
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Treat Your Pup to a New Toy

It's no secret that dog's love to chew. However, you may be surprised by how much dogs enjoy chewing plastic bottles. Since most pet parents don't want their dogs to chew plastic, this DIY sock toy for dogs is the perfect, affordable solution. Method: Slip an empty plastic bottle inside of a sock before securing the ends with shoelaces. The dirtier the sock, the better! After all, your dog loves the way you smell.

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use a sock and coffee grounds to freshen the fridge
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Soak Up Odors in the Fridge

While the cooler temperatures prevent bacteria from growing in your refrigerator, food will eventually begin to decompose and stink. Oftentimes, it's difficult to rid your fridge of foul smells, but this sock and coffee deodorizer is a quick and easy-to-make fix that will leave your fridge fresher than ever! Method: Fill a sock with fresh coffee grounds or instant coffee, and place it towards the rear of the fridge.

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use socks as packing material
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Protect Glasses During a Move

About 10% of our possessions are damaged whenever we move households, which makes packing efficiently very important. But with the cost of moving equipment and deposits, who needs the added expense of specialized storage gear? Here's a perfect packing hack: socks! Method: Place glassware and other delicate items into a sock before packing away into a cardboard box.

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use socks as a diy arm band for your phone
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Create an Armband for Your Phone

Have you ever paid good money for a phone arm band, only to have it become useless when your new phone is a centimeter wider than your old phone? This DIY sock arm band is a simple and free solution. Method: Make a tube shape from a sock that is at least 8 inches long by cutting off the foot. Slide the tube onto your arm, and fold it to make a pocket deep enough to hold your phone.

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Use socks as a drink cozy
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Keep Drinks at the Perfect Temperature

Can cozies are great, but you probably toss them into the clutter pile after watching an episode of Hoarders. A sock is an effective last-minute drink cozy that keeps soda cool and travel mugs warm!

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Use socks as durable baggies
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Make Durable Baggies for Small Items

Why store small items like game pieces and charging cables in single-use plastic when you have old socks just waiting to be reused? Sure, you don't have a zipper to fasten the bag, but string or ribbon will do the trick. Method: Fill a sock with loose objects that you'd like to keep in one place.

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