10 Impressive Pencil Eraser Hacks to Remember

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Pencil eraser Hacks

Most of us know that erasers ... well, they erase things — typically pencil marks. We take for granted that erasers just work, without really understanding the science behind one of the more unique tools at our disposal. As an eraser is rubbed across a surface, friction causes the rubber to heat up and capture any molecules smaller than itself. It turns out, the abrasives and softeners added to a rubber eraser can do quite a bit more than just erase graphite pencil marks.

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Put the Twinkle Back in Jewelry

Dingy, sad-looking silver jewelry can ruin your whole outfit. So why put up with fashion emergencies when you have an eraser in your kitchen junk drawer? Just rub an eraser along the surface of dull-looking silver, and the rubber molecules will absorb the tarnish residue, leaving your silver gleaming.

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Eke Out More Battery Life

If you've ever been hopelessly pounding the play button on your Roku remote, only to be foiled by dead batteries, remember that an eraser is a binge watcher's best friend. Simply rub the contact points of a dead battery with an eraser. The softening agents added to the rubber will remove the nickel and iron oxide from the contact's surface, giving your battery a temporary bump in voltage.

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Cushion Frames to Protect Your Walls

Scuff marks from picture frames are real. Here's a secret eraser hack that only the most meticulous home decorators know: Use eraser bits as a cushion between the wall and the frame. Cut off the eraser ends from several pencils, and glue them to the corners of a picture frame. Allow the glue to dry before hanging.

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Clean Gunk off Your Keyboard

If you've ever taken a few moments to regard the grossness growing on your keyboard, you've probably witnessed the rise and fall of entire civilizations of bacterial colonies. These germs are transferred from your keyboard to your hands and often make their way to your mouth — yuck. Make quick work of those illness-causing vectors by lightly rubbing a pencil eraser between the keys of your keyboard to remove grime and scuff marks.

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Clean Suede Shoes

Whether they're blue suede shoes or a pair of knock-off UGGs from Target, an eraser is the cure for scuff marks, dirt stains and general footwear unpleasantness. Instructions: Rub an eraser along the entire surface of your suede shoes before wiping the loosened grime clean with a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water.

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Rub Away Scuff Marks on Vinyl Floors

Scuff marks from sneakers and furniture can transform your newly-installed vinyl flooring from a prince into a frog in a matter of days. Having the family leave their shoes at the door can help, but, inevitably, streaks and scuffs will appear. The solution? Keep a handful of rubber or vinyl erasers in the kitchen junk drawer to quickly buff away any unwanted marks on your flooring.

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Mend a Stubborn Zipper

Whether it's your favorite cardigan or a pair of boots, few things can make you regret a purchase like a chronically malfunctioning zipper. Say goodbye to your zipper woes forever with a simple eraser! Rubbing an eraser along the teeth of a stuck zipper removes microscopic grime that can clog the zipper pull and prevent it from fastening.

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Keep Your Pup's Feeding Time Mess-Free

Are slippery food bowls making mealtimes a mess with your dog or cat? Try this eraser hack! Cut several erasers from the ends of pencils and glue them to the bottom of your pet's food bowl. The rubber erasers will catch on smooth surfaces, preventing the bowl from sliding along the floor.

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