Home Remedies for Candle Wax Removal


Candles can serve a part in a romantic, stress-free evening. They can provide warmth and light in the event of a blackout or can reduce odors and diffuse a nice scent within your home. Even with all the precautions in the world, sometimes candle wax can drip unintentionally onto surfaces. Clean candle wax simply and easily from a variety of surfaces with items you most likely have on hand within your home.


  • First, scrape away any excess wax you can. Use a dull butter knife or your fingernail. Next, lay a piece of paper or cloth over the wax and use a clothing iron on low to medium heat. The heat from the clothing iron melts the wax again, and the fiber of the cloth or paper absorbs the components of the candle. The fabric scrap or paper will develop a dark spot. Once that spot develops, move a new section of your fiber over the wax. Continue to move the paper or fiber around as you iron until the paper or cloth shows no further evidence of spotting. If any stain remains, as may be the case with colored candles, wash the fabric with a solution of baking soda and cool water.


  • Wooden furniture and flooring can suffer from candle wax residue. Scrape as much wax as you can off the wood. Use a fingernail or spatula, taking care not to scratch any finish that may be on the wood. To remove what remains, use a hair dryer set to low or medium heat to slowly melt the wax. Once the wax has been softened, wipe the wax off of the wooden surface with a soft cloth. Rinse the area with a solution of 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar and polish the wood with your normal polishing product.

    You can also remove candle wax by holding a bag of ice on top of the wax spill. Wait for the wax to become brittle, and peel or crack it from the wooden surface. Use a vinegar solution to rinse afterward, and polish the wood as you would normally.


  • As with wood, glass can suffer from the greasy effects that candle wax leaves behind. Use the hair dryer and vinegar method to remove candle wax from any glass items. Another simple, at-home method for candle wax removal from glass objects is to wipe the glass object down with a dryer sheet. Wipe over the area in long strokes until the wax disappears. As a bonus, the dryer sheet will leave your glassware sparkling and a fresh scent will permeate the air.

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