Easy Ways to Make Natural Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks have been a well-known hairstyle for a very long time and are pretty simple to create. Dreadlocks form naturally when hair is neglected and not groomed, but there are also a few easy techniques that will speed their formation along.


Backcombing is a process in which you tease sections of hair into dread form. Wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo to keep dirt and flakes from building up, then let it dry naturally. When dry, pull the hair into one-inch sections, securing each section with a hair clip or rubber band. Then, one section at a time, remove the rubber band or hair clip and tease the hair, starting at the bottom and working toward the scalp, combing one inch at a time. Start with the sections at the back of the head, and work your way to the front and top. Add an optional rubber band to the top and bottom of each dreadlock, and work in some beeswax or dread wax to best maintain the form of the dread.


Twisting is another easy dreadlocking option. Wash hair with a residue-free shampoo and let it dry naturally. Divide the hair off into one-inch sections and place a rubber band at the top of each section. Piece by piece, twist each section of hair from the bottom, until the hair is twisted up to the scalp. You want to twist the same way you would twist a tie on a trash bag or loaf of bread, twisting tightly until you have one long dread that is tightly twisted from top to bottom. Secure the bottom with another rubber band, and use an optional dread wax or beeswax to better hold the form of the dread.

Dread Braiding

Dread braiding is similar to both backcombing and twisting. Use a residue-free shampoo, let your hair air dry, and again divide the hair into one-inch-wide sections, securing the top of each section with a rubber band. One section at a time, braid the hair, starting at the top, working your way to the bottom, and securing the tip of each braid with a rubber band. Add optional beeswax or dread wax, and you now have braided dreads. After one to two weeks of wear, the braids will begin to dread on their own, leaving you with braided dreads.


Neglecting the hair is the easiest way to make natural dreadlocks. This requires no effort; rather, the point is to do nothing to the hair. Wash the hair with residue-free shampoo, massage in some beeswax or dread wax if you like, and go about your daily routine. By not grooming your hair, it will naturally begin to form dreaded sections on its own. After a few days of no hair maintenance, the hair will be dreaded.

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