Hyperextended Knee Exercises


Hyperextended knees occur when the lower leg receives impact from the upper leg and misaligns itself. Hyperextended knee injuries can vary from a ligament bruise or strain to a more pronounced ACL tear. Hyperextended knee exercises have the purpose of returning your knee to a functioning, pain-free level. Hyperextended knee exercises concentrate on developing the surrounding muscles that stabilize your knee. You need to diligently and persistently perform your exercises daily in order to speed up your recuperation process.

Water therapy

Exercise in water. You will receive both resistance and strength-training due to the water's buoyancy. Plus, the water is easier on your knee joint than land-based exercises. According to National Center on Physical Activity and Development, get into waist deep water. Sit in an imaginary chair, with your back against the side of the pool. Thighs are parallel to the pool's bottom and your knees will be aligned over your ankles. Place your palms and arms against the pool wall. Keep your back immobile throughout this exercise. Lift your weak leg about 12 inches. Straighten your leg as much as possible. Move your leg across your body while beginning a leg circle. Circle it down, around and back to original position. Complete five circles. Inhale as you begin the circling motion. Exhale when returning to original position.

Stationary Bike

Ride a stationary exercise bike. Exercise bikes can help you improve your leg muscle strength and flexibility. Start out riding for a few minutes without any tension. As you progress, states Robert F. LaPrade, MD of the University of Minnesota Sports Medicine Institute, you can increase your duration and tension levels.

Muscle Strengthening

Do isometrics. While either sitting or laying down, tighten each of your different leg muscle groups. This includes your buttocks, thigh muscles (quadriceps), calves and hamstrings. As you tighten each of the groups individually, hold for five seconds. Relax. Repeat. Do this throughout the day. Isometrics develop muscle strength to allow you to perform other exercises geared towards flexibility and stretching.

Muscle Stretching

Stretch your hamstrings. Sit on a flat, comfortable surface. Place your legs in front of you and straighten them. Gently lean your upper body forward towards your toes. Keep your back straight as you do this. Your hamstring (muscle behind your knee) will stretch the further you bend forward. Hold. Your stretch will be easier if you hold onto your feet with your hands.

Stretch your calves. Sit on a flat surface with your weak leg extended as straight as it can go. According to Nismat.org, rest your other leg on the floor or on a footstool. Lean forward over your weak leg until you feel your hamstring stretch. Point your toes upward and towards your chest to stretch your calve muscles. Hold. Relax. Repeat.

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