Beet Juice Liver Detox


Detoxing the liver is beneficial because when the liver is more active, it more easily cleanses the blood of toxins, its primary function. The liver can be weakened from over-consumption of alcohol, exposure to cigarette smoke and environmental pollution. One method for detoxifying the liver is by drinking freshly juiced beets. Those consuming beet juice for three days and then olive oil on the fourth day may even release any existing gallstones. If you have any serious medical issues, consult your doctor prior to any home detox.

Why cleanse the liver?

The liver is the largest internal organ, writes Carrie L’Esperance in The Ancient Cookfire (1989, Bear & Co., Santa Fe). She states that all the toxins in the blood are filtered by this tough organ, which can still function if impaired or damaged. If, however, the liver is overloaded by routine overeating or over-consumption of alcohol, more toxins may remain in the blood setting the stage for more serious health issues. Drinking beet juice is a gentle method for liver cleansing.

Beet juice liver detox

Extract the juice from beets with a juicer designed to pulverize vegetables. You also may purchase fresh beet juice at most health food stores. Drink about a half cup of fresh beet juice, up to three times daily. Eat lightly for the three days of your liver detox. Reduce or avoid caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, refined sugar and refined flour. Instead, favor fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins you can easily digest, such as yogurt, well-cooked lentils or poached fish. The idea is to consume a whole foods detox diet and sip small amounts of beet juice between your meals. Do not fast or overeat.

Olive oil flush

On the fourth day, consume about two tablespoons of olive oil. Place a lemon or orange slice inside your mouth if you prefer to cut the taste of the oil. The oil prompts the gallbladder -- located behind the liver -- to expel any gallstones. This step is helpful as it allows your liver to function more easily. The gallbladder produces bile and aids in fats digestion. Some people choose to consume the olive oil about two to three hours after dinner and shortly before going to bed. If you do so, lie on your right side, to “flood” the liver and gallbladder with blood. The next morning, you may see gallstones when you urinate. They may be as large as a pea or much smaller.

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