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Lose weight by eating a combination of fruit and protein for at least three days. The basis of this diet is to remove the toxins and bloated feeling through consuming only fruit and protein. Dieters can lose up to nine pounds during this three-day diet, but a strict routine of eating only fruit and protein must be followed for maximum results. Dieters consume plenty of protein shakes several times a day during the first day followed by eating fruit on day two and three.

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How the Diet Works

Fruit is the main component of this diet because it’s high in water, antioxidants, fiber and minerals. Fruit is low on the glycemic index of carbohydrates, which helps remove toxins from the system and improve overall energy levels.

Protein is another major player in making this diet work. You can have chicken, fish, eggs, whey protein powder, turkey and lean beef. Your body benefits from protein because of its amino acids which fuel muscle production. Lean muscle boosts metabolism.

Diet benefits include an increased motivation to begin and stick to a healthy new eating plan and a good way to flush the system before beginning a long term healthy diet. This diet can also help to reset the appetite to favor healthier foods.

The downside is that you shouldn't follow this diet if you have hypoglycemia or blood glucose imbalances. People are also hungry during the three days, which can make you crabby, tired and even lightheaded.

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When Do You Eat

Fruit and protein dieters graze throughout the day on a variety of protein shakes, fruits and vegetables. On the first day you’ll drink at least five protein shakes. Drink one shake every two hours. These protein shakes consist of whey protein powder, water and ice. You can have raw vegetables along with lean protein such as chicken and olive oil for dinner.

Begin introducing fruit on day two and three instead of your protein drinks. Eat a serving of fresh fruit every few hours and end the day with a similar meal as you had on day one.

protein drinks with strawberries
protein drinks with strawberries (Image: KayTaenzer/iStock/Getty Images)

What You Can Eat

Your protein drinks can come from any of the whey protein powders you find at the local health food or grocery store. Use one serving size for each drink and mix with water and ice.

Eat approximately one to two cups of diced fruit which includes strawberries, mangos, bananas and cantaloupe.

Your evening meal should consist of three to six cups of mixed raw vegetables, three to six ounces of lean protein and one tablespoon of olive oil.

fruit bowl
fruit bowl (Image: Liv Friis-larsen/Hemera/Getty Images)

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