Funny Homemade Gifts


Everyone appreciates a gift that evokes laughter. Laughter brightens the day and makes everyone feel better. Giving humorous gifts doesn't necessarily mean a trip to the party store. You can make your own funny gifts. No matter what the occasion, there is a perfect funny homemade gift.

Beer or Soda Drinking Helmet

  • One funny gift for a man is a drinking helmet, which lets him drink from a pair of his favorite beverages without using his hands. You need a helmet or hat, two Koozie can holders, some plastic tubing, hot glue, and duct tape. Hot glue a Koozie to each side of the hat or helmet. Reinforce the glue with duct tape around the Koozie. Cut two pieces of tubing long enough to reach from the bottom of the beer or soda can, down the side of the helmet or hat to his mouth. Use duct tape to secure the tubing on each side. Do not use hot glue, as that can melt the tubing and cause leaks.

Farting Slippers

  • Whoopee cushions are one of the oldest pranks of all times. You can make your own small whoopee cushion and insert them into a pair slippers to make farting slippers. You need a piece of thin rubber, scissors, glue, a pair of plush slippers, a seam ripper and a needle and thread.

    Cut the rubber to make the two sides of the whoopee cushion. The cushion should look like a circle with a tongue sticking out. The "tongue" is the neck of the whoopee cushion. Make sure the cushion will fit inside the plush slippers. Glue all the way around the round edges, and glue both sides of the neck. Leave a very small opening in the neck which is just enough to fill up with air, but will not allow air to escape. The only edge of the whoopee cushion that should not be glued is the very bottom edge of the tongue.

    While waiting for the glue to dry, rip the seam out of the heel of each slipper. Remove stuffing from where the whoopee cushion will go. When the whoopee cushion is dry, make sure it works by blowing in to the neck and filling the cushion with air. Allow the cushion to sit for a couple of minutes to make sure the air doesn't leak out. Then, apply pressure to the whoopee cushion using your hand. If it makes the signature farting noise, you have successfully made a whoopee cushion.

    Insert a cushion into each slipper. Sew the seam back up, making sure the neck of the whoopee cushion sticks out of the heel, but is barely noticeable. Blow in to the neck of the whoopee cushion to fill it with air. Once someone steps on these slippers, they will have to refill the cushions with air to get the same effect.

Fountain of Youth Pills

  • If a friend or family member is getting a little old, consider giving him bottles of "youthful pills." You need some large empty prescription bottles with the labels removed; jelly beans, M&M's or other small, colored candies; and paper. Choose names for the different "pills" such as "behind minimizer" or "anti-aging" or "hot-flash cure." Label the prescription bottles with the cute pill names using paper and clear tape. Fill each bottle with one color candy. For instance, the "anti-aging" pills could be black jelly beans while the "hot-flash cure" pills could be red M&M's.

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