How To Build Lots of Muscle Mass

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Building muscle mass takes more than simply exercising; it involves a regimen of proper nutrition, specific exercises, and weight training. A fitness expert explains how to combine these methods to maximize muscle building.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and I'm here to show you some exercises to build muscle mass. The first thing you want to remember when you're building muscle mass is eating. Your nutrition is crucial. You have to feed your muscles, so make sure you increase your protein with lean healthy meats and good sources of protein. You also are going to increase your weight. So, you're going to start small, and then you're going to progressively build, you're going to build the weights, and you're going to build those muscles. So, you're going to work your way up. I'm going to show you a couple of exercises here, just some basic exercises to build some muscle. This is going to be exercises that work multiple muscle groups all at the same time. So, it's going to save you a lot of time. Right now, I'm going to show you a lunge so we're going to step our foot back in a lunge and we're going to work our triceps. We're going to press it back, press it back for the triceps and back up. So, you're going to lunge and tricep kickback, so I'm working multiple muscle groups. I'm working all my lower muscles in the body, my glutes, my hamstrings, my quads, and I'm also working my upper body. I'm working those triceps. So, lunge with a tricep kickback. That's one exercise. Another exercise you can do, this is working your balance as well. I'm going to come up in a one-legged deadlift. So, I'm holding that back leg up, and I'm going to take my arms to my sides, and I'm working my shoulders on this one, working my shoulders, excellent. If I hang my arms down and pull them straight up, now I'm working my lats, so I'm working that muscle in the back. I'm challenging my balance, and I'm working that leg, excellent. From here, I can do another bicep kickback, or I'm sorry, a tricep kickback. So now, I'm working those triceps again, challenging my balance, building lean muscle. Make sure you feed your muscles. You've got to eat that lean protein, and you're going to have muscles in no time. This is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, showing you how to build muscle mass.


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