How to Strengthen Abs with Modified Exercises

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Certain modified exercises can be a great way to strengthen your abs. See how you can strengthen abs using modified exercises with help from a health and nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, a Nutrition and Fitness Expert of, and today I'm going to share with you how to strengthen your abs using modified exercises. You know, a lot of people talk to me about wanting to have a stronger abs but having a neck problem or having a lower back problem. So, if that's you, these exercises will be perfect. The first exercise I'm going to show you starts from a seated position and what you're going to do is roll down past your tail bone and then you're just going to hold it. This is an isometric exercise and you should feel your rectus abdominis contracting to hold you here. Now, within this you can go very small range of motion. You don't want to roll above your tail bone; but, just a very small lifting motion all isolated in those long abdominal muscles, the rectus abdominis. So, that's a variation; the two variations are the small little raise or you can just hold it isometrically and it, pass the time and count, you can just put your hands down and count to ten; five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Now, for the next exercise, we're going to roll all the way down. This is going to use something called your deep abdominal muscles. We have our long rectus abdominis and our deep transverse abdominis and what you're going to do here is put your hands underneath your lower back, press down hard. Press down and lift your knees up just in front of your hips. Now, you want to make sure you're keeping the pressure on your fingertips while you do this. You're going to slowly take your heel away from you which is going to try to make your lower back lift up. You're going to use your deep abs, they should feel rock hard when you do this, to keep your lower back down. And then bring it back up and switch legs. So again, you should not feel your hips swivel; you should not feel your lower back lift up because you should be pushing down so hard with your deep abs. Thus, all of your abdominal region here should feel solid rock hard. And make sure you keep those fingers there 'cause that pressure onto your hands really helps give you good feedback to know that you are keeping your lower back down and working those deep transverse abdominal muscles. Okay. So, what I would recommend is that you do these exercises three times a week on alternating days. Start with the curl downs and again, you can either do them statically or you can do with small range of motion and do three sets of ten. Then, go to the single lake arcs and do another three sets of ten. And make sure that you do the whole time through are very aware of keeping good form. I'm JJ Virgin of, and thanks for watching.


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