How to Increase Range of Motion in Upper Body with Modified Exercises

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Increasing the range of motion in the upper body can help you expand your exercise routine to include more techniques. Learn how to increase range of motion in your upper body with help from a health and nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness expert of, and today I'm here to show you some modified exercises that you can use to increase your range of motion in your upper body. Now what happens when we sit all day long, especially for typing on the computer or we are driving. All of the muscles here in our chest area and in our upper neck they get tight. They start to ache and get sore. It turns out you can use exercises to help stretch those areas out. Yes when you start to get stronger you can also get more flexible. So the exercises I'm going to show you today will do just that. The first exercise is a fly. What you are going to need are some dumbbells. Start out light this is really much more about getting the range of motion then doing heavy weight. And I'm using the ball as my bench. So I'm going to get a nice stable support here with my hips lifted and my glutes squeezed. And I tell people that this is like hugging a beach ball. So my elbows stay slightly soft through the motion. They don't bend or straighten. And I'm opening up as wide as I can again to get that nice stretch through the chest. The next exercise I'm going to show you is a pullover. This exercise is going to work the abdominals, the chest, and the lats. But it's also going to stretch them out because you are going to go all the way back, stretch your abs, stretch your chest and then come all the way up. And each time you come up you are coming to the outside of the opposite knee. So again you are going to stretch the chest, the abs, the upper back. And you want to work as full a range of motion here as possible. So go all the way back each time. Now I'm going to show you a diagonal raise. This little ball weights four pounds it's a little heavy ball. And what I'm going to do is put my hand in my pocket and drive back. And what you want to make sure of here is that your arm's a long lever. You are not going to bend it or straighten it, you just keep it slightly bent through the movement. And I'm coming all the way back again opening up my chest. Important during this exercise while we are getting this great range of motion is that you are not letting your body sway or swing so you are really using your core muscles as well. And make sure that you repeat it to the other side. With all of these exercises here make sure that you are not using a heavy weight. These weights should be medium so that you can keep your arms extended so that you can increase the range of motion. Remember you can actually get more flexible doing resistance exercises if you work through full ranges of motion. Be sure to do each of these exercises two to three times a week. You should take a little rest break so if you do them on a Wednesday, start again on Friday or Saturday. Do each exercise two to three times and work between eight and twelve repetitions. Again make sure that you are working through a full range of motion. So, don't go so heavy that you have to shorten the movement. I'm JJ Virgin of And thanks for watching.


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