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There are several ideas you can have for inviting guests to a circus-themed party. Customize invitations for your circus with help from an accomplished visual artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Jeanette Conner. I've been a Visual Artist for eight plus years and today, I'm going to show you some circus party invitation ideas. One idea for a really simple circus party invites is to make ticket stubs out of red paper, heavy card stock paper and just draw your pattern for your ticket stub on the back and that's a regular rectangle with swoops end the ends. And on the front side, you can use stencils or stickers to design your works. Use black outlines to make the box and fill in your details of your party. You can make that any size you want. I think the bigger the better; it looks like an invite and very novelty so that it's not actually confused with the ticket stub. Another fun idea for circus party invite is to make balloons and you can just cut out card paper in different shapes using different colors and draw little lines to show that it's a balloon. Hot blue ribbons onto the back and then you can write in all of your party information on the balloons. You can also, with another piece of card paper, attach a clown or a ring master or you can just mount this to your card with other decorations. The last idea I'm going to show you is one that I think is really fun. You want to take your card paper; I'm just going to use regular white paper to show you an example. But what you do is you take your card paper and you're going to fold it into fourths inward so that you have flaps like this and then, you're going to fold up the same amount down from the top and this is going to make the front of your card. The next step is to take scissors. So cut the slit in the middle here so that these flaps open as well. Then, cut a swoop up like this. Put those pieces aside. And cut a swoop that and now you have the base to your card. Then, you can take another piece of paper; I'm just going to use this scrap I have here left over. Cut scallops in the bottom. I'm just going to cut that in half. And then you can glue this down to your circus tent and then, you can decorate with gold paper or glitter glue, bright glitter glue, anything you want. You can also put like a gold ball at the top and then write all your party invitation info in the card. You can also decorate the sides with lions and tigers, trapeze artists. If you can find stickers or die cuts of circus animals, that is a great way to easily decorate or clip art and just glue it. And then you have your circus party tent invite. And these are all great simple ideas for making circus party invites. This is Jeanette Conner and today we learned circus party invitation ideas.


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