How to Do a Knife Hand Strike

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A knife hand strike uses the side of the hand to connect with an opponent. Discover how to perform a knife hand strike with the help of a 7th degree senior Tae Kwon Do master in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Martial Arts Fighting Techniques
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Video Transcript

When we talk about the fist and the knuckles, those knuckles may not be the best thing to hit things with, because that's your joint surface. So we have other things that we can use when we talk about striking with the hand. We have the next technique that we'll cover is a knife hand strike. The hand is open with the fingertips together. You can bend down that middle fingertip so they're flat across the top in the more traditional way. A knife hand strike utilizes the side of the hand this way, the side of the hand. This is the striking surface as opposed to the punch which was the first two knuckles. So the knife hand strike, the side of the hand this way. The knife hand strike usually comes across like this. We wind up and it comes across, comes across like this. We wind up, bring it across, striking with the side of the hand this way. What would you do with a knife hand strike? A knife hand strike, side of the neck, ribs and anywhere else that is going to be effective with this, most likely a couple of those targets. Starting here, comes across and I strike soft side part of the hand.


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