Yoga Positions for Fertility

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Certain yoga positions can help promote fertility by concentrating on the reproductive organs. Discover how to increase fertility with the help of a certified yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, Fitness Expert for Golds Gym, and Creator of the Perfect 10 Workout. I'm going to show you some Yoga poses for fertility. First of all, we're going to go ahead and lay down on our mats. The arms stretched out, legs stretched out; you want to breath into your reproductive organs, breath deep, even massage them with your hands is fine just so you can get that energy guided right to where you want to be. "Haah", open up your legs, breath deeply, relax your shoulders and visualize your whole body especially down in your uterus getting nice and light. Breath deep. Bring the soles of your feet together, open up your knees and you can even put the, you hands on the inner thighs. Breath deep into your body, relaxing your lower back, relaxing your shoulders. "Hmmm", "Hahhh". "Hmmm", you want to visualize light going into your organs, into your reproductive organs, "Hahhh". Visualize the light making you more fertile, "Hmmm", "Wheww". Bring your knees in, stretch your legs out, come up on your elbows in the top of your head in Fish Pose. Breath deep. "Hmmm", "Hahhh". "Hmmm", "Hhhhh". Roll down, hug in one knee and bring the outside of your foot in towards your navel with your knee going out to the side. Breath deeply into your body as you relax; relax and breath, "Hmmm", "Hhhhh". Reach for you knee again and just stretch it out and then switch legs, bringing the other knee in, reaching for the outside of your foot, letting your knee come out to the side; heel comes in towards the belly button. Breath. Focusing your energy on your reproductive organs. "Hmmm", Hhhhh", clearing all the passages with light, focusing totally on them. Breathing deep, relaxing, releasing, "Hmmm", "Hhhhh". And you can reach for both knees, open them up, bring them in towards your elbows, flatten your back. "Hmmm", "Hhhhh". And you can bring your legs up against the wall too and just hang there for awhile and relax as much as you can, letting the blood flow right to your reproductive organs. Breathing deeply. I'm Amy Newman, Fitness Instructor for Golds Gym, Creator of the Perfect 10 Workout. And those are some Yoga poses you can do for fertility.


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