Thai Kickboxing Techniques

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Thai kickboxing techniques can help you dodge while punching or jabbing an opponent. Learn about Thai kickboxing techniques with help from a kickboxing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan Champa from Tiger King Muay Thai, and today we're going to go over Thai kickboxing techniques. So, today we're going to go over two dodge punching dodge techniques, and also a kick catching technique. So, the first we're going to go over is, we're going to throw a one, two. We're going to dodge, then we're going to throw cross hook. And, we're also going to go over a one, two, dodge, left hook, right cross. Now, the first thing you want to remember is, when you're doing this in a fight, the one, two is not used as an offensive attack, it's used as setting up your opponent. So, when I throw a one, two, my opponent's going to cover up, he's going to think it's safe after I throw. He's going to throw a left hook, and I'm going to throw right hand, left hook when he throws from the left side. When he throws a right hand, again, I'm going to set him up by throwing two punches, he's going to cover up, come back, I'm going to throw a left hook, and right hand. I always want to ensure that those last two punches, I have the most power in them. So, again, I throw a one, two. Throws left side. So, the other side. One, two, back, left hook. So, because I'm going straight, he's going to be unaware of it, so that's going to be my most effective time to attack him. So, today, now we're going to over a catching leg. So, when my opponent throws his right leg, I can catch it by stepping to the side. I must also ensure that my right hand is up protecting me. From a position I can do a great deal of things. I could throw a right hand, cross. I could also push him forward and make him - plow him, which is referred to. And also, I could throw the foot away and off balance, and then, also, attack. So, there are a lot of things you can do with catching a kick. So, there's a lot of variety. You can use your hands, legs, and it's the most effective, since you're trying to get them off balance and attack them. So, once again, he throws a kick, I can get a punch, I can get the knee, I can get a throw to the side, and kick. Or, I can trip him off of it. So, when I catch, i would trip him, and then, he would have to get up and it would start over again in a fight. It's very effective in a fight. Hi, I'm Dan Champa from Tiger King Muay Thai, and that was Thai kickboxing techniques.


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