How to Minimize Dark Spots on Your Skin

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Dark spots on your skin may occur as a result of aging, sun exposure or natural causes. Learn to minimize and hide these spots with help from a professional beautician in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Andrea of Andrea Jordan Skin Care, located in Salon Republic, and we're going to talk about lightening brown spots on the skin. What I'm going to do today is use a machine called microdermabrasion. It has really great results for evening out the skin tone and lightening dark spots. The first thing that happens is that the skin is cleaned. I'm using a really gentle cleanser. It has grapefruit extract in it just to help remove all the surface make-up before we dry the skin and start the treatment. You want to rinse really well. So, make sure that you go back in and either splash your face with water or use sponges and dry it off. Once the machine is on, it emits a sandblasting of crystals that are aluminum oxide. They're really antibacterial, so it can also help breakouts, but mostly what it does, it sandblasts the skin which helps abrade down the top layer of skin cells. And every time you do that, your new cells grow up and out and you get lightening with each process. We begin at the forehead. Just light strokes. The machine will grab the skin. You don't need to push hard. This is a very common area to have a lot of little brown spots here. If you don't have access to microdermabrasion treatments wherever you are, you can also buy things over the counter or at a good beauty supply. One of the products that I really love the most is the Skin Ceuticals Pigment Regulator. It's safe to use all year round, and it's just as effective to 4 percent hydroclinon, which is usually prescribed by a dermatologist to help lighten out spots. We're just going to go ahead and apply it all over here where the concentration of area is, where the pigment is. Forehead gets a lot, and as I said, around the jaw and chin line is a really common place for people to have pigmentation. And that's it. You do that every morning and wear your sunscreen every day to prevent further damage. And that will help minimize your spots.


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