How to Control Blood Pressure & Anxiety

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Anxiety is something that can send your blood pressure skyrocketing if left unchecked. Find out how to control blood pressure and anxiety with help from an expert counselor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Gordon McInnis. I work here at Carolina Beach Counseling at Carolina Beach, North Carolina, and today we're going to talk about how to control blood pressure and anxiety. You know, whenever you're anxious, you're having these big physiological changes in your body. Again, a lot of it relates back to hormonal changes and adrenaline, and what's called your sympathetic nervous system, which is, again, that part of your nervous system that prepares you for fight, flight and getting ready to just protect yourself. Well in that, in order to do that you need to raise your blood pressure up because your body is going to get ready to work. It's going to get ready to do something and that raises up your blood pressure. I think that people who have high blood pressure, in general, may be a little bit more prone to anxiety because their body is already kind of keyed up for this. One of the biggest things is breathing, focusing on breathing. Breathing is one of those things that helps restore that homeostasis, or lets that, we've talked about the sympathetic nervous system, the other side of it is the parasympathetic nervous system that helps bring your body back into kind of a balance with one another. Breathing can help do those kind of things. Over time, exercise can help because that can help to lower your blood pressure. You know, if you're taking high blood pressure medication, making sure that you're taking your medication correctly, watching your diet, not too many fried foods, all the other kinds of things that you know, that you don't do much salt, all those other kinds of things that it will increase your blood pressure. If you can manage those, then it may help you manage your anxiety as well. That was just some advice on some various topics related to anxiety. As always, you should go seek professional help or go see your doctor if these things are continuing to bother you.


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