Vitamins Good for Fertility

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Healthy bodies aid fertility, and vitamins can help. Discover which vitamins and lifestyle choices are best if you want to conceive with advice from a licensed and registered dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on vitamins and fertility.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with a little bit of information on vitamins that are good for fertility. Now, if you've been prescribed a prenatal vitamins, this really is an ideal combination of the vitamins and minerals your body needs with appropriate levels of one particular nutrient, our folate or folic acid. This nutrient has really been proven and has lots of positive results to help avoid certain birth defects. Now, again, this is more so when you're in the planning phases of preparing to have a pregnancy or while you're pregnant and it's actually been recommended to continue taking those prenatal vitamins after you've had the baby as though, as your folic acid levels will be lower and this will help to replete those 'cause our body need that folic acid as well. Fortunately, folic acid is actually in a lot of different things that we eat. Now, folate is a naturally-occurring mineral, or excuse me, Vitamin B 9 on the dark green leafy vegetables or legumes and some of our dairy products and eggs I believe. But, folic acid is very easily supplemented, again, in our prenatal vitamins as well as a lot of our fortified foods, our cereals, our grains, our breads, even our all-purpose flour that's been enriched; that folic acid is contained in there. Now, overall for fertility, there's no special diet to increase your fertility. But, look at other things as far as your lifestyle. Avoid your smoking, limit your drinking, get appropriate sleep and also maintain a healthy weight as, as we start to realize that a larger weight can start different hormonal production and can actually decrease our fertility. So, if you're at a heavier set time of your life right now and you're looking to maybe conceive, consider getting back into a more healthy range of your weight. Those are a little bit of information on the vitamins and also lifestyle to help improve and max out your fertility. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.


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