Behavioral Training Techniques for Dogs

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There are certain training techniques for dogs that can help improve your animal's general behavior. Learn about behavioral training for dogs with help from a dog training expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Victoria Warfel, with DreamDogz Training, located in Gainesville, Florida, here to talk about behavioral training techniques for dogs. If your dog will respond to food, you can always use that as a reward. But, you want to have something that your dog likes, or loves, as a reward. And, some dogs will work for kibble, some dogs will work for freeze-dried liver. Some dogs will work a hot dog. I've had dogs work for Lucky Charms. Sit, Zoey, sit! Good girl. Sit! Good girl. So, it all depends. You're going to have to rank and see what your dog really wants to work for. If your dog just goes with food, that's fine. But, if you play with your dog, it's going to be a lot easier to train. If your dog loves food, and tennis balls, and Frisbees, and squeaky toys, and you attention, and massages, think of all those things that you can reward your dog with. And, whenever your dog does something right, something that you like, that's appropriate, reward him! So, if your dog sits instead of jumping up on somebody, just on his own, you reward that! If you dog jumps up on somebody, you can always take and remove him from the situation, or have him sit. But, my biggest thing is reward your dog when he does something that you like.


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