How to Do Your Makeup to Dress Up as a Devil

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Devil makeup requires airbrushing all exposed skin red and adding darker shadows in the hollows of the face. Apply classic devil makeup with a demonstration from a professional special effects makeup artist in this free video on Halloween costumes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Juan Pantoja. I'm a professional makeup artist in central Florida. Today, we are going to be talking about how to do a devil's makeup. In this case, we are going to be using the airbrush. First of all, I'm going to be using red makeup. This is not regular acrylic paint that you use, you grab from the craft store. It's actually makeup. Acrylics tend to be a little bit more abrasive on the skin. You don't want, I would not suggest that. And always, test on your hand a little bit before you go on your subject. And make sure you start spraying air before you go in. You have to keep a low pressure, 'cause you don't want to sandblast your, you know, customer, your little boy, your husband with the airbrush. The makeup that I am using, I always leave the nose area for last, because we are going to have to ask him to hold his breath for a minute. You can still breathe, don't worry. The makeup I am using is alcohol-based, it's going to last all night long. It's a nice thin, not very heavy makeup. We're done with this little makeup. We'll probably do neck and everything, the skin is showing. But for the purpose of this demo, we are going to keep it just in the face. Okay, now hold your breath for a moment. This air has to be fairly quick because you know you don't want your devil to pass out. Breathe. I'm going to put some black for contouring. You can use black, you can use blue. Sometimes, purple works great for this. Make sure you are getting the color that you need before you go on the face. Keep your eyes closed. And you keep spraying from far away, 'cause you don't want those colors to be real intense. You want them more like a wash. And always keep your brush moving. I don't know where to place the colors so we'll probably feel the bone structure and then that shading I will put it underneath the bone. Shading around there. Just going over the black the really dark areas to make it look more natural. And for a final part going around the eyes it's going to be a little bit more intriguing. So, I am going to use a brush, 'cause you don't want to airbrush a person with their eyes open. Open your eyes. So, this area around here you want to do it with a brush. Close and blink. And quickly, let me powder that down. The reason we use translucent powder is there's no color. We can do it over every color, every single color we have. It's not going to change the finish of the makeup. Or, it's not going to change the color. Then you can pop it out with horns, putting horns, and maybe wearing some fangs, blood drooling. This is a very easy-to-do devil makeup. I'm Juan Pantoja, makeup artist from central Florida.


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