Calf & Achilles Tendon Stretches

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To stretch your calf and Achilles tendon, it's best to lean against a wall or counter top while having your legs behind you. Stretch your calf and Achilles tendon with advice from a doctor of physical therapy in this free video on the Achilles tendon.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Tara Pollak, Physical Therapist from Evolution Physical Therapy, here to give you some tips on calf and Achilles tendon stretching. Martina, go ahead and turn around and face the table for me. Good. So, you want to lean against a wall or a counter top at home and you're going to stretch your left calf. So, I want you to bring that left leg behind you Martina; good; so that the heel and the toes are directly in line with one another and then, you're going to bend into your front leg so that you start to stretch the part of the calf back here that's the gastrocnemius. Good. So, you're going to want to hold this stretch, "Do you feel that in the back of your calf there Martina?" Great. And then, to stretch the other part of the calf which is the soleus muscle, you're going to want to move this foot up closer towards the front leg. Again, maintaining the heel in contact with the floor, you're going to bend the back leg. Great. Not allowing the heel to lift off the floor, you should feel the stretch just a little bit lower towards the soleus muscle. Remember the, the calf is made up of two different muscles, the gastrocnemius and the soleus. So, to stretch the whole complex, you must do both stretches, the one with the straight knee as well as the one with the bent knee. This is Tara, and these are calf and Achilles tendon stretching techniques.


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