Basic Moves for Cheerleading Routines: How to Do a Touchdown Cheer in Cheerleading

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The touchdown cheerleading cheer is a repetitive chant that coordinates arm movements with the word "touchdown." Learn the touchdown chant for the next big game with help from a former NCA instructor and choreographer in this free video on cheerleading.

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Video Transcript

Hi I am Rosalyn Jones, I am the founder and CEO of ProDance, and the owner and director of Cheers Cheerleading school in San Antonio, Texas. We are here at Ariel Athletics, and we are going to show you how to do a touchdown chant. The materials that you will need are a really great supportive pair of cheerleading tennis shoes, a nice loose-fitting pair of shorts, and any type of a T-shirt that is long that will cover your torso. You should always try to wear your hair up, and off of your face. And try to get into a gym where they have a spring floor or a tumbling mat. When you are doing cheers a set of poms would be very helpful. Two small show poms any color that you wish. The words go T D, two clasps, touchdown, and this is a repetitive chant. We have got Lexi, Sarah, and Jordan demonstrating it for you, and they will be using poms this time. T D, touchdown, two clasp. Easy motion, you are going to take your arms out to a T on the word T, on D you are going to pull your arms into to daggers, you are going to take two clasps. Clasp, clasp, on touch you are going to take a low touchdown motion, both hands come down to your thighs, that is touch. On the word down both arms shoot up to a real touchdown position, and then you come back to your clasp. Clasp, clasp, we are going to repeat that. So we are going out on T D, clasp, clasp, touch down. Last time, T D, touchdown, and we hold that ending. And then you have one person that is going to call the cling. Jordan will call it. Cling one, two. Let's review that one more time. Words are T D, touchdown, two clasp, hit that T motion. T, daggers on D, clasp, clasp, low touchdown, touch, down. Let's repeat it two times. T D, touchdown. Last time, yell it out T D, touch down. That is how you do a touchdown cheer, cling one, two. T D, touchdown, T D, touchdown, T D, touchdown, last time, T D, touchdown. Cling one, two.


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