How to Measure a Cat for a Harness

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When measuring a cat for a harness, be sure to break out some wet food or a treat to keep her interested while you wrap a tape measure around the torso and around the neck. Add two inches to each measurement when choosing a cat harness with help from a professional pet behavior consultant in this free video on cats as pets.

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How to measure your cat for a harness. So if you are going to use a harness for your cat so you can take them out on cat walks for example. It is important to get the sizing right. Now in order to do that it would be best if you have some type of flexible fabric tape measure for example. If you don't you can just use a piece of string, and then hold that up against a wooden or metal ruler. I am going to use the measuring tape so you can get an idea of how this works. And this can be a little bit funny for your cat either getting use to the harness or even being measured for it. So I am going to break out some wet food, which can be a delicious treat for your cat. I use that to attract my cat to be come interested, and joining in the fun over here. Come over. And if you have a can where you are not worried about any sharp edges you can actually just put that down, and allow your cat to eat while you measure them. So there are two places that this type of harness goes on. One is around the neck where your cat's collar is, and the other is behind the front legs here. So with your cat standing preferably you want to take the tape measure, and you want to put that around their girth area, which is right behind their front legs here. And I am just going to flip this around so we have inches so it is easy to see. So Butter measures if I hold it tight about sixteen inches. Then you actually want to add about two inches to that when you are measuring your cat for the harness. So I would call that eighteen inches, and when I go into the store then I can find a harness that fits that. And when you are putting the harness on you want to start with the larger loop that goes around behind their legs. So you want to loosen up your harness, and allow that part of the fit first before you attach the piece that goes on over their neck. And this can be a slow process as well. Some cats might be shy so if you have something that they can work for while you are doing it it can make it a more pleasant experience for your cat, and if you can get them use to the harness a little bit at a time. So I have got it around under her girth here, and then I can tighten up that area before I hitch it on over her neck. And I think that is all we are going to get from Butter today. Thank you.


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