How to Get Abs With Resistance Bands

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Resistance bands can be helpful tools for building abdominal muscles, specifically through reverse curls that are done by stretching the bands over the feet while the legs point up to the ceiling. Discover how to choke up on a resistance band to work the core with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video on using resistance bands to work out the abs.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer with Gold's Gym. Today, how to get strong abdominals and flat abdominals with resistance bands. These things are everywhere. You can find them anywhere. Here's just a few great things you can do to really strengthen the core with the use of bands. So these are handles but I'm not going to use those with handles. They're going around the toes. So and I'm going all the way down, one vertebra at a time. So here's a simple way to start. I'm going to choke up on this resistance band and press my legs up to the ceiling. It's a reverse curl. So I'm pulling on it, I'm adding that resistance so that's working. I have got the arms pulling down making those abdominals stronger. So this way I'm going to lower one leg still choking up on the bands. Head is off the floor but I'm not using my neck. I'm using my upper body to lift the head off the floor but if it bothers the neck you can put one hand behind the head. Another great one the bunny hop where you are just kind of lowering and lifting the legs to one side then the other or you can lift straight up and lower down. A little trickier, inhale and exhale. Maybe add some circles in, that's working the abdominal muscles. I'm choking up on the resistance band but I like it. The legs are a little more at ease just because I've got the bands but that reverse curl, the circle. You've got this. As long as you are choking up on that resistance band you're working the core. You can even bend the knees or lower the legs to one side, then the other just a few great things you can do with the resistance band to really help control the legs so you can really focus on those abdominal muscles.


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