How to Do Fingertip Push-Ups

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When attempting fingertip push-ups, the hands should be under the shoulders or a little wider, and the hands should create a stable base. Find out why the thumb shouldn't be in front when doing fingertip push-ups with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video on doing fingertip push-ups.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Tanya Batts, and I am a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. Today how to do a fingertip push-up. What? You are going to love it. All you want to do hands can be under shoulders maybe even a little wider, toes if you want it, knees if you want it. It is up to you I want the knees. I've got fingertips they can be a little wider than shoulders. Mine are kind like underneath the shoulders. It is up to you. I'm going to lower, and I am going to lift. So I've got the fingertips happening there, I've got the thumb really behind me. I don't want the thumb in front. You really need that good stable base. Inhale and exhale. So hands can be wider if you want them. That is really working the shoulders. A little harder than I thought. Inhale and exhale. That's tricep, bicep, chest it's got it all. One hand if you can do it. I'm not going to do it. We're just breathing. That's a great way, that's a stretches the hands, really works a lot more muscles than just a plain old push-up. And that is how you do a fingertip push-up.


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