Folding a Bandana for the Back Pocket

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Folding a bandanna to wear in your back pocket entails following the natural creases in the bandanna and leaving a flap to stick out of the pocket. Fold a bandanna to fit in your back pocket and keep it ready for use with tips from a veteran hip-hop recording artist in this free video on rap culture and fashion.

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Video Transcript

Rocking the bandannas in the pocket is one accessory must. You like that? Let me show you how I did that, how you fold it and get it on that fold to hang out the pocket like that. Well, it's quite simple. Not really too much involved. First off, I'm going to start it back wide open, just like it is. The only thing you want to do is make sure that your holding it. Most bandannas usually come with a crease in them if you buying them fresh off. So you want to take it and make sure you get it right in that center crease. One fold there, and once you get that all straightened up, give it another half fold right down the middle, just like that. Once you good to go, you gotta make sure it's long ways. Now, some bandannas may have the wording on them. We don't want to see none of that. After that, we're going to give it about a quarter fold at top, depending on the length that you want it hanging out your pocket. Me personally, I like it right down to about the knee, about knee height. Get it in there. Make sure it's straight evened up with the pocket and you ready to rock just like that.


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