How to Pop Millet


Popping millet requires putting a pan on a burner, making sure the gas flame doesn't touch the bottom of the pan and moving the pan around to keep the millet from burning. Pop millet in a couple of easy steps with help from a private chef and caterer in this free video on snack recipes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Merrilee, and today I'm going to show you how to pop millet. For those of you who know what millet is and may have uses for it, there are some recipes that call for millet to be popped for cereals or waffles, some muffins, even. And it also gives....popping gives it a really lightly toasted flavor that you might enjoy a little more than just cooking it before the toasting. So, what we do to pop millet, because it's not a real obvious process, you put your pan on a burner. If you're using a gas flame, you want to make sure that the gas flame does not touch the bottom of the pan, and you leave it on the burner until it gets quite warm. And then all we're going to do is pop the millet in, and you will be able to watch it work. You'll hear the little popping sound. And you want to be very careful that you move the pan around and keep it rolling so that it doesn't burn. So I'm going to take this little bit of millet that I have here, right here. I'm going to put it in the pan. Shake the pan a little bit. And you're going to start seeing it pop and hearing the little sounds. Almost sounds like Rice Krispies crackling. And that's how you pop millet.


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