Exercise Routines for Toning Your Obliques

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The obliques are located at the sides of the abdomen, and a number of exercises can be performed to target the obliques, such as the wood chop. Use a medicine ball to help exercise the oblique muscles with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on exercises and working out.

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Video Transcript

Okay, hello, so today we're talking about how to tone those obliques. Now, first let's clear up what the obliques are. The obliques are literally just located right here, at the sides of your abdomen; alright; either side and most people think of them as hard to reach; but they're really not. There's lots of movements to target your obliques. I'm going to show you just a couple of them today. This is one of my favorites; it's very very challenging. It challenges your lower back range of motion and also tones your obliques. You're going to take a medicine ball or really use any object that's appropriate for you and weight there. You're going to reach around, sit it down gently behind you; you're going to pick it up the other way, bring it back around. Now you can go one direction, for pre-determine amount of reps or you can do what I like to do which is; I'm here and go back there. You're really going to see that tensing that happens in your abdomen and your obliques, just from that motion. We're going to take it a little more basic now and show you something that you probably were all seen. This is just called a wood chop and you can do this on almost any position. You can see it, you see it sometimes on exercise balls on benches lying down. We're going to do on our knees today. You're just going to hold your exercise ball this way an chop and again, you can alternate or you can stop in the center or the side. Alright. And that's how to tone those hard reach obliques.


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