How to Dispose of an Old TV

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Old television sets can usually be disposed of in a local landfill, but this will most likely come with a charge between $20 and $40. Check to see if a given town has an electronics recycling program with help from the owner of an electronics store in this free video on television disposal.

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O.k, how to dispose of an old television set. These old TV's here can be disposed of, in your usually your local landfill. I know in our area they charge about twenty dollars for this size, they can charge all the way up to about forty dollars for a very large projection TV. The trick is getting them to the landfill, cause they're kind of heavy. But, that is about the only area, the only way that you could do it except if your town has a electronics recycling program that every once in a while certain towns do, where you pay a fee to bring the item to be recycled and they take it from you, also take the fee from you, and they use it for local programs and use it also for the recycling program as well. Do not try to dispose of an old television set by yourself, either destroying it or disassembling it. There are sharp parts inside a TV, the tubes, a lot of times are glass, so that can cut you. And, if you do destroy the main tube that makes up the screen, there's gases inside that are toxic and can be dangerous.


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