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The easiest way to make slideshows for MySpace profiles is to create and upload pictures to a Photobucket account, browse different slideshow options, and add pictures to the slideshow. Copy and paste the code for a slideshow into any section of a MySpace profile with help from an experienced MySpace user in this free video on MySpace.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Erica, I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah and today I'm going to talk to you about slideshows for your MySpace profile. Now I'm going to show you different types and about different slideshows for your MySpace profile. A good place to go would be Photobucket and they can, once you click into their website, you can actually look at samples of different types of slideshows because you can add different things. I already have a Photobucket account so I just signed in, where you're going to go after you've signed up or after you login, is you can go under My Albums and click on slideshows. Now they have a lot of different types of you can pick how to edit your images, you can resize, crop, add effects, add stickers or text on top of your image, you can make it sharper, make it look better, you can do different types of slideshows, you can check for the different types of styles and then you can do album, different album themes and things like that. So once you've figured out what type of slideshow you want to do, we'll go under more styles and see what kind they have. Now on the right hand side is says choose a style and then you can just scroll down and look for the different type of style that you want. We'll just click on the snow. Now it'll show the animation of what it'll look like right here and then on the left you just add the photos that you want to put in it and then you just save this slideshow and copy and paste that into your MySpace profile wherever you want it.


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