How Do Blood Vessels Alter Blood Flow in the Body?

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Blood vessels alter blood flow in the body based on the arterial pressure within the system. Volume, obstructions and malfunctions can also alter blood flow in the body. Find out how lower and higher arterial pressure will affect blood flow with information from a nurse and respiratory therapist in this free video on blood vessels.

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This is going to be about, "How do blood vessels alter blood flow in the body?" If you have pressure within the system, then you know that it's going to alter the blood flow. Perhaps, there might be an obstruction, or a malfunction, within the system and if it does, then the blood flow is going to be altered. The volume, the blood volume is going to alter the flow. If you have decreased volumes, then you're not going to have a whole lot of flow going through. The pressure will be lower and, therefore, you won't have the amount of blood flow in the vessels. Valves in place could be malfunctioning. Perhaps, there could be some back-flow. There might be an alteration within the blood vessel itself. Because the blood vessels are controlled by arteries and arterial pressures within the system. So, when you talk about, "How do blood vessels alter the blood flow in the body?", these are some of the things that could occur. But, it is because, mostly because of the pressure within the system.


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