Exercises for Foot Pain

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Exercises for foot pain increase the blood flow to the foot, which can soothe cramping and tightness, and simply stretching the sole of the foot can help decrease pain. Find simple foot exercises to reduce pain in the area with advice from a personal trainer in this free video on exercise and fitness.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, what we're going to go over is a couple of exercises and/or stretches that you can do for foot pain. What I would say first however, if it's a pain that feels like it's a bone or joint problem to consult your physician. However, if it feels muscular and it feels like you've just been on your feet all day long, what we can do is create some blood flow to that area and take away some of that pain, and/or tightness. So, what we'll do is we'll start out with a simple step, what you can do is on this step, just stand right up and on, we're going to go into for exercises a simple calf raise. Just extend the heel straight up, and come down and get a slight stretch. You need to do this eight to ten times, again creating that blood flow, helping to take away from that tightness and/or tension, next step that we'll go into is actually stretching that area, this will stretch the calf as well as the foot. You can just step right on the edge of this step and we'll go one foot at a time, just lean your way forward with your heel staying flat on the ground, hold that for about ten to fifteen seconds and take the tension right off. If you don't have a step or if you don't the balance to use a step, you could go over to a wall, and you can do your calf raise just holding yourself against the wall, for your balance, come right up from the heels, lift up onto the balls of your feet, and lower yourself down. As you lower yourself down try not to let your heels touch the ground so you keep a little bit of tension on your calves and come right back up. Relax that right down, and then for the stretch again without a step, all you need to do is turn and face the wall, take the ball of your foot right up against the wall, keeping your heel flat on the ground and lean right into it. Breath as you hold it, hold it for about ten to fifteen seconds and then relax right off. If this alleviates some of the pain, you should be good to go, if it doesn't and this makes it any worse, make sure you consult your physician. Hope this helps.


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