Can Sony Laptops Automatically Enable Dual Monitor Mode?

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Sony laptops will not automatically enable the dual monitor mode, but it can be done by changing the function settings for the computer. Consult the instruction manual for the computer to enable the dual monitor mode for a laptop computers with help from the owner of a computer service center in this free video on Sony laptop computers.

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Hi, my name is Roger. I'm with R-Tech Computers and we're going to talk about Sony notebook computers and dual monitor mode. Many of today's notebooks have features which will allow you to have two different screens, one external screen and one, obviously the one that's built into the notebook. That external port has actually been around for a long time, probably dating back to the early notebooks. The external port in the past could be used to hook up and display an image in addition to what was displayed on the screen, so it was basically a splitter that would send out the same image out that port. And today's newer models, you can actually set it up to show a different picture on each screen, one picture on your laptop and another picture on the external screen. There is no way to automatically do that. Almost every notebook has a function key. It's usually called an FN key. It's usually in the lower left of your keypad and usually it's a different color then the rest of the keys and if you were to look across the number keys or the F keys, there's usually a corresponding icon of the same color. If you hold on the FN key and press the icon that matches, you're going to get some kind of a result. When displaying in the older notebooks, when displaying the same image on both, you would hold on the FN key and then press the appropriate icon and it would show you the image on both screens and then you could turn it off by hitting that key again. On the dual mode where you get two separate screens on there, I'm actually not sure how that's done, but usually it's done with software that's controlled in the computer. Usually there's an icon in the lower right of your system tray. Acro, on the, off the screen and you pretty much have to look at the instruction manual 'cause those steps are going to vary depending on which model you have and so forth.


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