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In order to increase jumping ability, a number of explosive exercises can be performed to strengthen the power of the quadriceps, hamstrings and especially the calves. Discover how to do box drills to increase jumping ability with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercises.

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Video Transcript

So, a popular question is, "How do I jump higher?" Now, with that, there's a lot of different pieces that play into it. It's one: how much explosive energy do you have in your legs? You know, how much force can you exert jumping upwards? And what that comes down to is the power of your quads, your hamstrings and your calves. Particularly, your calves. You know, how much explosive energy you have to jump up, so when you come up, jumping up and down, it really comes down to how conditioned your calves are - how much muscle density and endurance that they have. So, with that, a lot of different exercises you can do to condition them would be several different strength drills which I'll show you in just a moment, as well as a lot of different jumping exercises. For example, take a line, you can jump side to side, forward and back, do box drills. You can do, like, a little cross where you jump forward, side, cross, back. Just like that, so you're jumping forward, side, back, side, forward. Several other exercises you can do if you had a step - for example, you'd put one foot up on the step, and just jump from just one side to the other. Just back and forth as well as jumping up and down onto a step where you'd just do squat jumps jump up onto the step and then jump off it as quickly as possible. Now, I'm going to demonstrate for you how to do a sprint. What these will do for you - increase your agility, increase your speed doing stuff like suicides, for example, where you sprint down the course of a basketball field - a basketball court - and then sprint back. So for example, you'll pick different lines across the basketball court, do a typical suicide sprint down to the first line, sprint back, sprint down the second line, sprint back, sprint down the third line, sprint back, which I'll demonstrate. All these things will help improve your jumping ability.


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