Ideas for Improving Employee Morale

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Improve employee morale at a business by treating all employees equally, making sure workloads are even, allowing for open communication and making sure management is approachable. Avoid overworking employees or making too many deadlines with tips from a business consultant in this free video on running a small business.

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Video Transcript

My name is Helen Vella from Vella and Associates. I'm a business consultant, coach, trainer and author. This segment is about ideas for improving employee morale. Employee morale is key to the success of your company. Whatever it is that you do, whether it's in retail, wholesale or service, employee morale is key. Treat all your employees equally. Don't have any favorites. Make sure that everyone is treated the same. Make sure their workloads are even, that they're not overworked. If your employees are overworked, they've got too many deadlines and too much work to do then the morale is going to be so low. Negativity within the workplace breeds quicker than anything else so one person complaining about their workload is going to go onto another person and their going to start complaining as well. So make sure you've got open lines of communication so they can speak to you easily so they can share with you what is going on and you can share with them what's going on. Communication is key absolutely in any type of employee situation. Make sure that the management and approachable, you've got and open door policy where they can come in and speak to you, but you must be approachable. If you're not approachable, then whether you've got an open door policy or not, the staff still won't want to come and speak to you. A great way for employee morale is to have a suggestion box. Employees can come up with some great ideas for your company. So if you have a suggestion box and then when you look at the suggestion box and any of the suggestions that are in there, if you choose to implement one of them, then have a gift certificate incentive if you implement it to give to that employee. Make a big deal out of it, present it to them and tell them that you're using their suggestion and how it's going to be used within the company. Some of the ideas for employee morale, treat them equally, workloads even, good communication, make sure you're approachable and a suggestion box is a great idea.


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