How to Clean a Camera Lens Properly

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Cleaning a camera lens properly requires only using lens-specific products and materials, such as lens wipes, lens cloths and lens brushes, as any other product can scratch the enamel finish. Take care when cleaning a camera lens with information from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography.

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In this clip we're actually going to talk about how to clean a camera lens properly. It is actually very important that everybody learns how to properly clean a lens. The lens is actually the most expensive part of the camera and if you don't want to take your time spending thousands of dollars on every lens you buy, you probably want to just take some time to learn to clean it properly. The way that anybody should be, just on a daily basis, cleaning your lens, they have, I mean like, for glasses a lens cleaner. It should be the only thing that you wipe a lens with. Don't use a t-shirt or any kind of cloth that you think is soft enough. A lens is very, very sensitive. Sometimes they have brushes too, but make sure that you get one that is specifically for a lens. I actually had a scare one time. It was intense. I was out shooting with one of my friends and she was borrowing my camera to take some pictures. She, obviously, was not as experienced with cameras as I am and she was shooting some milk and I lean over, fearing for my lens, for its life. I lean over; I'm like, "You gotta watch that milk, don't let it get on the lens," and she said, "Oh don't worry, don't worry." I kind of turned around to go look at something else and I looked back and it was like in slow motion and she had, like, picked up the lens and started like cleaning it with her shirt and it was just like...."NOOOOOOO." Cause, it got scratched up. The entire, like, enamel of the front of the lens came off and we had to go get it repaired and she, of course, paid that money for me. Thank you very much. But it's just like, little things like that. You want to make sure that whenever you're using a camera that you don't waste that money with little mistakes like that.


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