What Vitamins Can Give You Energy?

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The vitamins that help increase energy levels are all of the B-vitamins, which aid the metabolism, and all of them should be taken together in a B-complex capsule. Find B-vitamins in whole foods, as well as in supplement form, with health information from a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist in this free video on healthy eating.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Rachael Richardson with Nutrolution Incorporated in South Beach, Florida. In this clip we're talking about what vitamins can give you energy. And actually all the vitamins and the minerals are involved in energy metabolism in the body but one of the major groups of vitamins that are involved in energy metabolism are your B vitamins. And so this is a vitamin supplement that I personally use and I don't always use it everyday, but I do use it when my energy levels are low. So these are B vitamins, this is a B complex and you always want to take your B's all together if you can because they all work kind of in tandem. That's why the whole set of B's are really a set of vitamins rather than being individually named. It's a B complex. Foods that you can find your B vitamins in if you don't want to take a supplement are foods that are grown in the ground like all of your vegetables, particularly your leafy green vegetables as well as any animal tissue. So things like chicken, fish, beef, etcetera are all rich in your B vitamins and your B complex. Make sure you include those for optimal energy. This is Rachael with Nutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida.


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