What Is the Job of a Fashion Journalist?

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The job of a fashion journalist is to understand the fashion industry and write about it in a journalistic fashion. Discover why specialization in a certain field can limit some journalists with help from a journalism professor in this free video on careers in journalism.

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Video Transcript

So what is the job of a fashion journalist? Well the job of a fashion journalist is to watch beautiful people model gorgeous clothes in exotic parts of the world, maybe three days out of the year. The rest of the time the job of a fashion journalist is to understand the fashion industry inside and out. That means knowing about production, that means knowing about marketing, that means you know, knowing about design itself. That's a hard thing to do. It's going to take some understanding, some knowledge, perhaps some work experience in the fashion industry, maybe even a degree in some kind of fashion area, design or something like that in order to truly understand that industry. It's going to take that plus training in journalism. So it's a difficult thing. And this is true of any kind of specialized journalism. You're going to not only need that journalism skill set but you're also going to need some experience or training or both in whatever specialty topic it is that you're covering. Keep in mind also that choosing a specialty in journalism does kind of limit you because not all local news outlets are able to subsidize or hire someone with a particular skill set to cover a particular thing. I remember my first job in journalism, I remember looking at the guy who was interviewing me and saying, I want to be a science editor and he said, That's wonderful, but what I need is a local city county reporter. And so guess what, I became a local city county reporter.


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