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Sell online by keeping advertising simple, reaching all senses to engage the customer, providing quick product information, and attracting the right customers. Make sure it easy for customers to take action for Internet sales with help from a business management consultant in this free video on online business.

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Video Transcript

Now I'm here to talk to you about how to sell Online today. Selling online is, shares certain characteristics with selling generally but there are an important differences such as the fact that your customer can't talk back to you at the same time as you're speaking to them. And of course you don't know who you're talking to at all. My analogy to this is a kind of needle in a haystack. You may be looking for a needle in a haystack on the internet but lets look at some principles that do help. Keeping things simple is even more vital on the internet than it perhaps is anywhere else because people switch off really quickly. Sometimes people are off of your website within half of a minute. So if you can't sell them something within that time, you may have lost the sale. Things that help, including trying as far as possible to reach all the senses over the internet so you can actually engage people on the other end. That means providing them with techs so they've got information. But perhaps video content, audio content is not yet common to have computers which can taste and smell but you get the general idea. Reach as many of the senses as you can. Thirdly, you must be quick. You have one chance to sell people things, and the more clicks you introduce in the process the longer it will take for people to decide to buy or to leave your website. Amazon is my favorite example with their maxim one click and you're done. If you have huge forms to fill in to buy stuff people, particularly people who are time deprived will leaving and do something else. Fourthly, on the internet it's even more important to use the old marketing maxim of Aida. That stands for awareness, interest, desire, and action. You can get people interested on the internet, you can get them aware, but if they don't take action you've made no sale, and it's particularly important to get people to move towards a decision and therefore an action and it's very easy to stop them doing that. So make sure it's easy for them to take action. Because people don't know who you are when they're buying on the internet it's even more important to give guarantees to get people to buy because they have no relationship with you. So money back guarantees, trialling, giving people an opportunity to experience the product are all good things that build trust when you actually aren't connected with these people in the same town or even in the same country. In the same way, testimonials are particularly important. Particularly from people that are actually like the customers that are trying to buy from you. People like to gain great comfort from seeing other people like themselves who have tried, and used, and found your products and services to be successful. So get as many testimonials as you can. In conclusion, make buying really simple and really quick to do over the internet. One extra click can be one click too many for some customers.


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