How to Change Aperture on a Digital Camera

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Change the aperture on a digital camera by using the manual settings on an SLR digital camera and sliding the F-stop dial to the appropriate aperture. Use the aperture to change the amount of light being let in for a photograph with instructions from a professional photographer in this free video on digital cameras.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is James Flint and I want to talk to you about how to change the aperture on a digital camera. Before we talk about how to change the aperture let's talk about what the aperture is and why you would want to change it. You can equate the aperture to the iris in your eyes. It is basically an opening in the camera lens that determines how much light gets through and how great the depth of field is of your shot so if you have your camera aperture open all the way it is going to be a really low F stop or aperture number but it is going to be the widest opening and it is going to allow the most light in. You know how if you are in th bathroom mirror and the lights are on and you flip them off and then you flip them back on, when you flip them back on you will notice that your iris in your eye goes from really big to being really small and the point is when it is dark you want it to be wide open so a lot of light can come through and when it is not as bright or when it's bright you need it to be more closed so not too much light gets in. The same thing works with a camera and a camera aperture so if you are in a low light setting you're going to want the aperture to be open really wide so that you can get as much light in as possible. You'll see here on my camera there is a dial here on the front. You spin this to adjust the aperture. Of course this only works in a manual setting. If you were doing automatic shooting it would calculate the aperture for you but so say I'm shooting and I'm in a low light situation. I want the eye or the aperture to be open so I can get a lot of light in, I will go down a lower F stop number say 3.5 or 4 and you know again it is as simple as making a spin on this dial. In most cameras the aperture adjustment is going to be somewhere located near the shutter button so that you can easily adjust your aperture and then take a picture so it is pretty simple to change the aperture but before you go messing with the aperture you want to understand what the differences are and why you would change it.


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