Effects of Cell Phones on the Environment

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The effects of cell phones on the environment are generally negative due to the plastic, batteries and lead contained inside of the phone. Recycle cell phones at an electronics recycling center with advice from a cell phone salesman in this free video on cellular phones.

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Video Transcript

I'm Ben, from the Cellphone Broker, in San Jose, California. Today, I'm going to show you what kind of negative effects cell phones have on the environment. First off, the outside of this cell phone, and the majority of cell phones, are made with plastic. Plastic is pretty hazardous, when you just throw it away, so inside of the phone, you'll always have a battery. Batteries, if you throw them away, without properly recycling them, or disposing of them, this can be pretty hazardous in a landfill. This has some toxic stuff inside of it. Nickel cadmium is inside of this one, and that's pretty dangerous on the environment, so when you just throw that away, that's not good. Like I said, cellphones have a lot of negative effects on the environment, and that mainly comes from the metals that are inside of the phone. A lot of phones contain lead inside of them, and that's because of the soldering that's in there. They usually use a lead solder, and a lot of phones also contain arsenic, which is in some of the printed circuit boards, so there's some pretty hazardous stuff inside of these phones. You need to make sure that you recycle them properly, and to find out where to do that, log onto the internet, and search for the nearest electronics recycling center, because they'll handle it properly, and they'll make sure it gets into the right hands, and not just into the landfill, so I'm Ben, from the Cellphone Broker, San Jose, California. Check us out online, myspace.com/cellphonebroker.


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