How Do Cell Phones Work?

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Cell phones work by transmitting a signal to a tower, which in turn sends signals to either land lines to other towers. Find out why cell phones have trouble sending signals in remote areas with information from a cell phone salesman in this free video on cellular phones.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California. Today, I'm going to show you how cell phone technology works. There's two different types of cell phones in the world. You have satellite phones, which run directly off of a satellite roaming around in space, and you also have the regular traditional cell phones...the cellular phones that we know of. So cellular phones work in this way. You have your phone, and then you have a tower that that phone transmits a signal to. So you have the cell phone and you have a tower. The cell phone is going to transmit signals to that tower, and then in return, the tower will transmit signals back to the cell phone. These towers are located all over the place so that you usually have pretty good coverage within the United States. If you do go into some rural areas or some isolated areas, you won't have really good coverage because these towers are kind of pretty expensive to put up sometimes. So after that, that tower will have a line running into a service box down at the bottom, and that box will either put the signal into the landline system, so if you're calling somebody on a landline from your cell phone, this will put it out into the grid so that it goes to that landline. And if you're calling another cell phone from your cell phone, it's going to transmit the signal to the tower. The tower will then go down to the receiver box at the bottom. That receiver box will put the signal down into the underground or overground wiring and into the landline system temporarily. Then it will connect into another tower and another receiver box, then the tower, then that will then connect to the other cell phone that you're trying to reach. I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California. Check us out online --


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