How to Kill Insects & Ants Organically

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Organic products, such as DiaTomaceous Earth, can be bought to kill insects who attempt to feed on the product. Find out how to use organic products to kill insects and ants outside of the home with advice from a certified pest control operator in this free video on ants.

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Hi, friends. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida. You know, a lot of people say "I've got a lot of insect problems, and I have a lot of ants. Well, how can I get rid of these organically?" Well, there are a lot of green companies out there that may be able to provide that type of a service for you so that you don't have to worry about placing things where they shouldn't be or using the wrong product. However, let's say you want to do that to yourself. Well, there are a couple things to do. Depending on whether you have an insect or you have an ant, let's say, you have to kind of make a determination because the characteristics of those individual species are different. They need to be apply, a treated differently. So, how do you do it? Organic products such as DiaTomaceous Earth. You may see them in the grocery store. They may be little round tablets that you can place in either the corner of the home or behind the refrigerator, maybe at the back of a drawer in the cabinet, and if a insect comes in contact with it, what happens is he he may either feed on that particular product, or he rubs up against it. Now, what's nice about that, it's it's kind of like a glass product, and what happens is thee insect picks up that material on it's skin and as he walks and moves, he rubs and makes a little hole, and they actually dry out or dessicate. So that's how thee actual product works if you want to use that yourself, organically. If you're looking for insects on the outside of the home, like maybe you have aphids or something in your trees or shrubs, or on your plants. Well you can go ahead and use a product like Nemoil, which is an organic product. Or if it's a worm that might be infested in one of your trees or shrubs, you could use a B.T. which is bacillus thuringiensis and you can mix those up with water and you could either spray thee outside of the home, your plants, your shrubs, even your trees, and it won't hurt those at all. But it will kill those nasty bugs and it will do be doing it organically, so I hope that will answer your question. Remember, I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida hoping you have a pest-free day.


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