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Dual diagnosis outpatient treatments have to be formulated with broad considerations for the patient's psycho-social history and medical history. Find out how a treatment plan for dual diagnosis patients is absolutely imperative for the livelihood of the patient with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on psychology treatments.

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Hi my name is John Bosworth, I'm a licensed mental health counselor in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'd like to talk to you a little bit today about dual diagnosis treatment planning. In dual diagnosis, what we usually find is that there is some type of an addictive problem or addiction problem, substance abuse problem, coinciding, side-by-side with a full-blown mental disorder, maybe a personality disorder, maybe a mood disorder, bipolar disorder. And the interesting and challenging thing of formulating a treatment plan is that we have to cover some pretty important topics. We have to look at medical history. We have to look at the length of the substance abuse history. Is there any genetic component to what we're dealing with? What medications have worked in the past? Are they on any medications for the psychological or mood disorder that might interfere with some of the treatment options on the alcohol or on the addiction side. So, in formulating a treatment plan, we really have to look at, from a broad perspective, the history, a very detailed psycho-social history of the patient and also look at ways that we can get them back to functioning in every day life. So formulating a treatment plan requires a lot of skill but we also requires the basic components that we learn in psychology in grad school which is to basically listen to the client to formulate a good opinion. They usually know themselves better than you do, although sometimes we tend think we know them better than they do. But formulating a treatment program is absolutely necessary in getting a correct diagnosis and literally working on a treatment outcome or treatment outcome goals from a systematic basis. My name is John Bosworth. I'm a licensed mental health counselor and we have been looking at ways to formulate a dual diagnosis treatment plan.


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