How to Give a Cat Medicine

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Giving a cat medicine can be a tricky endeavor, but using a pill popper tool or pill pocket treats can make the job much safer and easier for both pet and owner. Avoid irritating the esophagus or feeding a dry pill to a cat with help from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

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Let's talk about how to give your cats medicine. Always check with your veterinary clinic first, before giving anything, especially over the counter, to make sure it's appropriate. Too, your veterinary clinic can guide you in how to give your cat medicine, because it can be tricky. The number one thing, is always be careful. Their mouth has a lot of bacteria in it. If they bite you, that can cause some serious damage. You can get very sick from that. They can scratch you, so always check with your veterinary clinic first. Liquid medicines are pretty self explanatory. They usually come in a dropper that you give by mouth, but the real hard part and the trick, is using a pill, and in cats, there are some tricks in using a pill. One, is you can use something like a pill popper, and that is, the pill goes in the end, and there's a little plunger. This goes over the base of the tongue, while holding the mouth open, and then the pill is delivered that way. You have to be careful. You don't want to jam this down their throat, this just goes over the base of the tongue. Anytime you use a pill, you always want to use a little water, like in a syringe, so they can swallow afterwards. You never want to dry pill a cat, because it can cause a little irritation to the esophagus. There's another way in medicating cats, and that is using something like Pill Pockets. It's designed to treat, it's designed to put a pill inside of it, and some cats love these things, and you don't even have to try to pill them manually, and that can work out very well as well, so always check with your veterinary clinic first, as far as what you're giving.


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