Advantages of Gold Dental Fillings

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There are several advantages to gold dental fillings, including the fact that they are very strong, that they adapt and fit well, and that they last a long time. Learn how gold dental fillings can stand up to strong forces with information from a dentist in this free video on dental gold.

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Video Transcript

There are several advantages to having gold used in fillings and crowns. One of them being, is the fact that they're very, very strong. Gold still remains to be the strongest material that's used in dentistry. For that, we find that with dental, dental gold, that the gold typically never breaks, it never corrodes, it never wears down, so it provides a lot of longevity, in the restoration that it's placed in. Another advantage, is that it adapts and fits well, so when a dentist uses gold to place in a filling, or crown, it will adapt much nicer to a margin, where the tooth has been prepped, or the cavity has been removed, so again, you get a better fit, but you also get more strength and longevity, more so than any other material that's used in dentistry, at this point. For example, on one of these teeth in the back, where there is more biting forces, and the person is more used to using chewing forces, along the back teeth. This would be an example, of where gold would be a better example, in fixing a tooth, because of the forces that are put on the tooth. Because gold is much stronger, and it's better fitting, you're ultimately going to get more ability to chew with, and also longevity, when using that. The material can also be used for teeth in the front as well, however, it's usually more confined to back teeth nowadays. Having said that, gold has been used for over a hundred years, and it's been incorporated even in front teeth, but it's more confined nowadays, to the back teeth. As we find though, because people are becoming more cosmetic minded, gold is slowly going away, as a trend in dentistry.


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