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Getting rid of car stickers is done by using a razor blade to gently peel the sticker off of the car and using WD40 to dissolve the gummy residue left on the surface of the paint. Remove all evidence of bumper and car stickers with automotive advice from an ASE-certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Mark. In this segment, we're going to cover how to remove a sticker from your car. In order to remove a sticker, you need a couple different items. Basically, what you're going to need is a straight edge, single edge straight edge. And I recommend getting one of these little holders. You can get the razor blade and the holder for under a couple bucks at any hardware store, local auto parts store, general utility stores. They're just available all over. And when you don't have the blade installed outwards, they can be flipped around, the blade locks in, inwards, so there's no sharp edge exposed. They work really great because razor blades are very thin and very sharp, but they're very brittle. And if it snaps and breaks over while it's in your hand, it's real easy for the blade to come back and cut you. And they cut very, very easily. Another thing we're going to need, we're going to use a razor blade to peel the sticker off. Then we're going to need to get the gum off the paint. And this can be done with a lot of different types of cleaners. You just spray the cleaner on a rag and just rub the goo off. WD40 dissolves it well, as well. And basically what we want to do is just come up from behind it and slice the razor blade in and get a lip out where you can reach with your hands and then just gently peel back, trying to peel back as much of the sticker as you can at one time. Once you get the sticker peeled back and removed, it might break several times and you'll have to start the process over again. You just slide in with that razor blade, you want to get enough to where you get the sticker. There's actually two stickers on this one, so I can peel back one or two layers at a time. And we just want to slowly take it off one layer at a time. Peel these stickers off, then we'll spray some of our cleaner on to a rag, and by gently rubbing in circular motions that will remove the gum from the paint. That's how you remove stickers from an automobile.


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