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Learn the basics of bid whist in order to become a better player in this free video series that will have you mastering whist in no time.

Part of the Video Series: How to Play Bid Whist
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Video Transcript

Basics of the card game, Number 1: There are four players at the table, two teams who sit opposite each other. They're identified as partnerships or teams or pairs. It doesn't matter, we think as partners. Partnerships on the school board are identified as "We" or "They" or if you're playing in a competitive live tournament you have to write the names and the team numbers and so forth. Really doesn't matter, that's just the way it's done. Number 2: Besides playing team against team or pair against pair there are just certain basics that you need to know. One is trump; whoever bids the highest the bid wins the right to call trump or to call no trump. That's important. Like Bridge, this game has a no trump option. Spades doesn't have that option. The game of Spades is always trump. Number 3: More basics, there are twelve tricks per hand. Why not thirteen? Because the thirteenth trick is the kitty. Whoever names the hand gets to exchange six of their cards for six cards in the kitty. Well, when you think about it, you're dumping out 50% of your hand. That's going to lead to some pretty lively bidding. So you have kitty, you have opening lead. The opening lead in this game is always made by the person who is the highest bidder. That differs from Bridge where it's to the left of the dealer. It differs from Hearts where it's deuce or clubs. It differs Yuka were it's always to the left of the dealer. So, if you name the trump or you name no trump, you get to play the hand first. That's a huge advantage. Particularly if you're playing with jokers. So those are the basics. Tricks, scoring system we'll go into later on, trump and the bidding and partners.


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