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Learn card tricks like the card spring to perform like a magician in this free card tricks video.

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Video Transcript

I’m Joe Marshall, and today we’re going to discuss flourishes. Okay, this is a move that’s known as springing the cards from hand to hand. It’s difficult to do slow. Obviously, because it works on gravity in delivering cards from a pressure, but it basically looks like this in fast speed. Slowed down, what you’re actually doing is you’re holding cards with these two fingers on top, your thumb on the bottom, and there’s different variations for this. Sometimes people use all three and just do this. Some people use all four. Using four can actually make the cards more choppy. You kind of want it to make it look as much as a ribbon as you possibly can as you deliver the cards. Like I was saying, fingers on top, thumb on the bottom. The bottom hand is really the most important thing here. To practice spring in the cards, you can just spring cards on the table to practice that, to get that motion down. The only thing you’re going to be doing as you spring is pulling the hand back so it makes it look like a larger ribbon than it really is. The most important thing is the hand below that’s caching the cards. If you’re beginning the spring cards and your hands like that, they’re going to spring and just fall right out of your hands. Your first finger, middle finger, and thumb kind of create this type of net that the cards will spring into. Your ring finger and pinkie are just extra support so you have this type of thing happening where the cards just cascade into your hand and they fall there; it’s known as a mitt. Without that mitt, you’re going to run into some problems, so just practice springing cards into the mitt and they stop. They should be hitting the first finger and parts of the hand are bouncing around so that they all stay together. Full speed, it should look something like that. Some people pull back like this. They do one of those things. It’s not necessary. Some people use from the thumb. I would suggest the proper technique first before you’re springing from the back of the thumb. You’ll have more control that way, but this is the proper technique to learn and to use and just make sure the bottom hand that catches everything is the key for that. That’s called springing the cards from hand to hand.


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