Eight Card Brain Wave Illusion Magic Trick Revealed

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See the eight card brain wave illusion magic trick revealed in this free magic lesson video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Dave Foydel with expertvillage.com. In this next video you will learn the eight card brain wave. Alright, sometimes you do not want to carry around a whole deck of cards. This is why we use things called packet tricks; this is called the eight card brain wave, it is an excellent trick. We have eight cards and you have someone touch the face of any one of the cards; we’ll just say they pick that one there just out of random. Now if you look all these cards here have blue backs, every card in the deck, all seven of them are blue backs, they got the only one that was red. This is the explanation for the eight card brain wave, it uses eight cards, and they are all different faces, but the backs look like this, there is four blues, four reds, and I have alternated them so it is red, blue, red, blue, red, blue. It looks like this, so these cards are on the back here, they can touch any one of these cards they want. Let us say they touched the queen of clubs. I separate, put the card down and I put these on top. What that does now is it alternates it, so I have a blue here, and a blue here, and their color of course is red. I wouldn’t just show them in the back like that; I do a couple of tricky moves. The first one is called the frustration count; that basically will let you show the backs of all these cards here being blue and it works because I am only showing you the back of the card, so you really are only going to see the back of this ace of diamonds every time. So I will show you the back, take off the top card, the back, take off the top card, so you didn’t really see that red back, you only see the blue back that is ace of diamonds, and I will keep doing this every time. You will notice sometimes the cards will come separate a little bit. I always hit them against my hand or square them up, that way there you don’t accidentally flash a little bit of a color here, so they see if there’s another red one there, so I will show the frustration count again one more time just to see that full speed, like that. Now they will always ask what happens if I wouldn’t have picked the queen of clubs, may be got one with the blue back. Now you can do it again by putting their selected card in the bottom and taking the top card off and I can show all these and here is the other way to show them. I can take off the top card, turn them both over, turn them back and put it down, take off the top card, turn them both over, put that card down, the top card goes down and then do it again until you are at the very end, that is the eight card brain wave.


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